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April 11, 2022

Bard Unit Coalition Group Members

It is time to update the Management Practices used in your farming operation during 2020.
However, the Regional Water Board has added new reporting requirements for Coalition Group
Members. In addition to reporting Management Practices, members must also develop an
individual Water Quality Management Plan (Farm Plan).

The Farm Plan requires growers to provide crop-specific data such as list of crop(s) grown on each parcel (or serial #) and the acres dedicated for each type of crop, a description of the irrigation methods used for each crop, a list of agricultural chemicals typically applied to crops at the operation (including but not limited to fertilizers and organic amendments, pesticides, and fumigants), a list of Management Practices used on each crop for the annual cycle, indicate whether sediment and erosion control practices were implemented, a description of surface and/or subsurface discharges, and name of receiving waters (if known).

To assist Coalition Group Members with these reporting requirements, the online survey has been updated to allow members to report Management Practices and develop a Farm Plan for each parcel of irrigated agricultural land. Once a member has completed the surveys for all parcels, the data will be converted into a Farm Plan template and members will receive a copy via email. The Farm Plan must be maintained at the member’s farming headquarters or primary place of business. Members shall ensure that all Management Practices identified in the Farm Plan are properly operated and maintained. Members shall periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the Management Practices and make modifications to the Farm Plan as necessary when visual observation monitoring indicates waste discharges have not been adequately addressed in the Farm Plan.

The Management Practices and Farm Plan survey must be completed by May 6, 2022. To complete the survey, go to

If you need assistance logging into the website or completing the Farm Plan survey, call Vicki Scott at  (928) 246-5070 or email

Helpful Tips While Completing the Online Survey:

  • Only enter data for Winter and Summer crops harvested in 2021
  • Fallowed parcels are not subject to reporting for Summer season
  • Only select practices used in your farming operation during 2021

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